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    New systems ...

    Maybe we should all read this and try to understand how things are going to change....

    claim revamp and war system

    General Rules

    • Players can now build anywhere, without owning a Settlement (an island which has been claimed).
    • An island which has been claimed is now known as a Settlement.
    • Only one claim flag can be placed per island, and the owner (player/company) is the owner of that Settlement.
    • There will be a hard limit on the total number of claim flags.
    • Islands are given a rank based on their location, size and how valuable they are. These rankings will be used to determine upkeep, as well as identify the Top 10 Companies which will be a sum of all the islands that Company has claimed.
    • Structures that are built on islands that are not Settlements can be raided at any moment.
    • Fog of War and Shroud of War have been eliminated, so the entire ATLAS will be shown to everyone.
    • World Map will now show the name of an Island (which can be changed by Settlement owners), who a Settlement is owned by, the current tax rate, and the current war status of the island.
    • Islands will have colored overlay for ownership (Owned by you, an ally, or non-ally).

    Company Updates

    • NPC crew on offensive/defensive seated structures will no longer count towards the tame limit whilst seated.
    • Company limit has been reduced to 250 members
    • Group ranks have now been increased to 10
    • Alliance changes will now be logged in the Company Log
    • You can now sort the Company log to display entries from top to bottom
    • A new group setting which can grant ‘owner’ permission for company members, which can only be set by the owner and unset by the owner. Members with the ‘owner’ permission will not be able to remove the actual Company Owner from the company.
    • An alliance now only contains a maximum of 4 companies
    • A company can only be in 2 different alliances at a time.

    Claim Flags

    • Sea Claim Flags have been eliminated
    • Claim flags can no longer be used to steal structure ownership on land
    • Claim flags can no longer be merged into other companies
    • There will be a hard limit on the total number of claim flags per company. For example, 20. Numbers can be adjusted.
    • A claim flag cannot be placed without a tax bank.
    • Claiming an island will take a fixed amount of time plus an additional amount per claim flag owned. For example, 1 hour to claim and +1 hour per owned claim flag. Numbers can be adjusted.
    • Declaiming will always take a fixed amount of time. For example, 2 hours. Numbers can be adjusted.

    Claim Flag Upkeep

    • Claim Flags now have an upkeep cost which is paid from the tax bank
    • The upkeep cost will be an assortment of resources.
    • The upkeep cost will scale on the size of the island, the total number of claim flags a company has, and how many different companies/players are building on the island.
    • Players can only place items into a tax bank that go towards upkeep
    • Claim Flag will have a grace period after successful claim to allow resources to gather in a tax bank before upkeep is charged
    • The claim flag will visualize if the upkeep will not be met, so players are able to contribute directly to the Tax Bank. The Tax Bank will now stack resources like a ship resource box.


    • Settlement owners must set a window of vulnerability, currently set to 9 hours, where their island is raidable. Outside of this window, players, structures and ships will not take damage from other players.
    • There will be a timer on players before they receive the invulnerability status.
    • Anchored boats or docked boats will follow these same rules, if they are in the radius of a Settlement
    • Non-settlement owners who have cannons on ships and are anchored shall not be allowed to fire cannons outside of wartime.
    • Settlement owners can freely damage other characters and structures on their island.
    • Settlement owners can set taxes on their island which will automatically be deposited into the Tax Bank
    • Structures that are built on a Settlement which do not belong to the Settlement Owner will have a decay timer.
    • Player Run shops which are placed on islands can also be taxed by Settlement owners

    Declaring War

    • Players can purchase a war token (significant cost) which can be used to declare war on an island.
    • When war is declared on an island, players must select a schedule time in the future (3 days to 1 week)
    • Only one war can be scheduled at once
    • There is a cooldown after a war has ended before another war could be declared on that island
    • Declaring war is per-island, so it is possible to declare war against multiple islands at the same time.
    • The UI will indicate whether an island is experiencing Wartime soon or is currently in Wartime.
    • Wars will last a fixed period of time
    • When an island has been deemed warlike, building rules no longer apply. After the war has ended, the normal rules are enacted again.

    Settlement Build Rules

    • Only the owner of a Settlement will be able to build offensive structures (mortars, cannons, and swivels) on their island, outside of Wartime.
    • Other companies can build defensive structures (puckle) at any time.
    • Other companies can build offensive structures ONLY during Wartime. Outside of Wartime, these structures are non-functional (inactive and unusable)

    Notification System

    • Players can sign up for email notifications related to company log activity
    • Company Logs that have any physical in-world location shall now include the grid and GPS. (e.g a boat was sunk on K5 at 50 50)
    • Discord Webhook for in game company notifications

    Lawless Servers

    • Will continue to operate like normal, no islands on these servers can be claimed.
    • Reduced structure placement rules
    • Damage decay added over time on all structures
    Full info is here

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