Hello fellow scummunity! We are sorry that the hotfix came this late in the week, but bugs had to be squashed crashes had to be uncrashed. But no worries we added some extra lil things in this to make up for it!

  • Fixed cargo drops not being visible sometimes.
  • Improved cargo drop landing.
  • Fixed weapons disappearing when holstering them from a storage chest.
  • Location of your character should be now properly saved while in a vehicle.
  • Fixed cars being invisible or not respawning at all after you have driven them.
  • We have been working extensively on fixing the issues with disappearing chests. Several bugs in the system were fixed and some parts were redone to be more robust. We weren't able to reproduce the issue with the new fixes but we can't be 100 % sure that the issue is completely gone.

And some extras we added!

  • Added Horizontal Field of View slider in video options. (This is still work in progress so glitches and bugs may occur)

  • Added option to turn off DoF in the options menu.

And a small teaser screenshot!