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    How to Fix The Division Errors, Crashes, Not Starting, Performance Issue

    Tom Clancy’s The Division was released last week on Steam and by now the game has a lot of Mixed reviews. Players complained that the game servers went down at the launch of the game and also about other critical errors and bugs.
    Black Friday – a devastating pandemic sweeps through New York City, and one by one, basic services fail. In only days, without food or water, society collapses into chaos. The Division, an autonomous unit of tactical agents, is activated.
    A lot of players are encountering game breaking issues and they are unable to play the game. The most common Tom Clancy’s The Division errors that users reported on the Steam’s Dashboard of the game are Crashes, Game Not Starting, Performance Issues like Low FPS, FPS Drops and Stuttering/Freezing, Server Issues and Disconnection Problems and also a weird error in which they are unable to change the language from Russian.

    Below we will help you to fix all of the errors listed above so you can finally start playing the game. You will find all the issues in the game described to see which one you got and solutions for each of them. If you already know for sure what is your error, you can skip to the solution below and fix it.
    How to fix Tom Clancy’s The Division Errors:

    1) Tom Clancy’s The Division Crashes, this issue is very common, for some players the game crashes constantly while playing or during the intro of the game. To fix this issue follow the tutorial at the end of the post.

    “I can get into the game and play for about 5 minutes or so and then my game crashes to desktop. I can’t seem to get it to stop doing that. If anyone has a known way around this, please help.”

    “So the game crashed about 5-10 secs into playing. I can sit in the menu just fine but it seems any actual gameplay just crashes me Running an i7-4790k and SLI 980 Ti(s) With 3 Monitors, One 4k as the main display and 2 1080p”

    “The game either crashes halfway through the opening scene or right afterwards. Any ideas?”

    “Anyone else having trouble with this? Just opens up shows the first screen and then closes out without any error.”

    Solution: Make sure that you meet the minimum system requirements and that you have the latest graphic card drivers up to date.

    2) Tom Clancy’s The Division Resolution Issue, you might have issues with the resolution, your game might just show on half of the screen. To fix this follow the solution below.
    “Every time I launch the game I have this weird resolution issue. The game only shows on half the screen and I am unable to change that. Can anyone help me?”


    • Press Alt+Enter and you will be in windowed mode. Now go to the main menu and change the resolution.
    • You can also change it manually from the configuration file:
      1. Go to C:\Users\username\Documents\My Games\Tom Clancy’s The Division
      2. Find GFXSettings.Rogue_x64.xml
      3. Right click, then choose Edit
      4. Scroll through the settings until you find resolution
      5. Set custom height and width, save and exit.

    3) Tom Clancy’s The Division Russian Language Issue, some players that bought the game in Russia and in regions similar have the game locked only in Russian language and they can’t change it to English.

    “Notice: Purchases made in this region will only receive the Russian language.
    Can I change the language if I bought the game? I don’t want to play the game with Russian language? If anyone knows something, please help me!”

    “I paid 74$ for the full version of the game, rather than a partial product only with the Russian language, what the hell? I can’t play in English?”

    “So I live in a CIS Region and I’m really interested in the Division but the steam store page says I will only get the game in the Russian language. I do not speak Russian.”

    Solution: The Russian PC Version of the game only comes with Russian. The console versions come with the full language pack.

    Confirmed info: the Russian version will have several languages available depending on the platform, but English will always be part of it as well.

    We are sorry for any confusion around the availability of languages on the Russian PC version. Any customers who purchased through Uplay should contact our Support team for more. If you purchased the game elsewhere please contact your retailer for assistance.

    4) Tom Clancy’s The Division Not Starting, for some gamers the game simply won’t start, they click the Play button in the Steam Library and nothing happens or they encounter a black screen during the startup. To fix this issue you can try the workaround below.

    “The game preload and installation are completed. When I click Play in Steam, the game never starts. Video drivers are up to date and anti-virus is turned off, restarted the machine, all with no results. In the library, it says that the game is running. But, nothing is going. What should I do?”

    “Game won’t launch. Getting sync error. If skip it, it just shows a black screen with no signs of activity.”

    “Tom Clancy’s The Division Black Screen is a common issue and I saw a lot of players complain about it. I am also encountering it at the startup of the game. Is there something I can do to fix it?”


    • You can try to press ALT+ENTER and this should fix the black screen issue.

    Also, you can try this:

    • Go to Documents\My Games\Tom Clancy’s The Divison
    • Open GFXSettings.Rogue_x64 (back it up before you do)
    • Change the “width” and “height” values to match your resolution
    • Change Windowed to Fullscreen
    • Save and start the game

    5) Tom Clancy’s The Division Server Issues, you might be unable to connect to the server and you are encountering this errors: Romeo, Delta and Mike. To fix this follow the solution below.

    Solution: Make sure that your internet connection is working and that you can connect to the internet. Also, make sure that your firewall or antivirus is not blocking the game connect to the server. If these solutions won’t help, it means that the issue is with the Ubisoft Servers and you need to wait until they resolve it.

    6) Tom Clancy’s The Division Sound Issues, a few players also complained about sound issues. You can fix them by applying the quick solution below.


    1. Right-click on the speaker icon in the taskbar
    2. Select Playback Devices
    3. Click on your Default Device
    4. Open the Properties
    5. Switch to the advanced tab
    6. Set the Default Format to 16bit, 48000 Hz (CD Quality)

    7) Tom Clancy’s The Division Performance Issues, issues like Low FPS, FPS Drops, Stuttering and Freezes all are related to the performance of the game and because of that, you are encountering them. But the good news is that all of these performance errors can be fixed with the solution below.

    “I just recently purchased a new laptop and with some games I’m noticing I seem to get worse frame rate than I did with my older one. I was under the impression that this one was better and I feel like it meets the minimum requirements for the division but I still only get about 15 frames on low.”

    “I’ve played in the CBT and I had little to no performance problems, now, in the OBT the game runs horribly. There was a fight with a few NPCs in which my fps dropped down to 19 and it barely got up to 30 during the whole fight while in the CBT it runs smoothly with higher settings.
    There is also some weird stuttering while exploring the city.”

    “Hey, guys I am experiencing extreme low fps. like from 1 to 10 fps. I could play the beta between 30-45 FPS. Now I do have a small note that I didn’t restart my PC after installing the new Nvidia drivers and the division. Should I restart my PC or try something else?”


    • Turn off Vsync.
    • Use fullscreen instead of windowed/borderless.
    • Update your graphics card drivers.
    • Avoid unnecessary crowds in the Dark Zone.
    • After respawning, wait for the world around you to load fully before running off.
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