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    WHAT IS THE =]KK[= FRENZY ™ ??

    This is a free-for-all style tournament that will be played once a month or when ever arranged in quiet months ....

    The way it works is very simple....

    ******* Rules update Since no map rotation is possible in COD games anymore********


    18 Players start
    2 Maps TBD
    20 Mins per map
    Player Bottom on Kills every 3 minutes is out in 1st map, 6 players are out
    2 Bottom players at the end of the 1st map are out. Leaves us with 10 players
    Player Bottom on Kills every 3 minutes is out in 2nd map, 6 players are out
    Final 2 players play a quickfire 5 minutes on a 3rd Map to decide winner....

    There will be a maximum of 10 maps in rotation and we will play between 3 and 5 minutes on each map depending on how many players are taking part (normally 3 minutes each map).

    On the first map once all players are in the server and ready to start we will do 1 fast server restart and then the =]KK[= FRENZY will begin....

    At the end of the 1st map which ever player is bottom i.e. least amount of kills or lowest score will be out of the cup and MUST go to spectate and watch or leave the server...

    Then we start the next map and same again, 1 restart, at the end the bottom player is out and we move on...This carries on until there is only one player left standing ....

    All winners will be recorded and logged so we know who has won the most ect in the FRENZY History post and you can also tell by the winners plaque they will have forever showing how many wins they have AND the winner will also have the honor of being the FRENZY winner and having the prestigious =]KK[= Trophy on their signature for 1 whole month...

    If you want to take part in this then you must reply to the latest topic in this section , the title will have the date the FRENZY will take place... Just reply and you will be entered and then sent the "PASSWORD TO PLAY" via private message on the forums.....

    RULES: RPG's, grenade launchers and any other rocket firing weapons are banned, deliberate spawn killing will result in disqualification, camping must be kept to a minimum holding an area is allowed but sitting in one spot picking players off is not !! Last Stand, Martydom, Juggernaut type perks are banned...

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