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    Key Binds in COD 4

    Ok to make key binds in cod 4 first make sure you have console enabled in ya game options..

    Then open console, and type this as an example:

    /bind 6 say fook orf

    Then press enter

    Obviously change the 6 to what ever key you wanna bind and the fook orf to what ever ya want it to say...

    To do colored writing you do ^1 or ^2 ect.. Each number is a different color. I think 1 is red, 2 is green, 3 is yellow, 4 is blue thats all i can remember..

    So if ya wanted to write summink in red it would be :

    /bind 6 say ^1 Fook Orf

    Then press enter..

    DONE !!

    WARNING : Don't bind keys that ya need for the game play :angry-banghead:

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    Re: Key Binds in COD 4



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