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    Ello and welcome to =]KK[= firstly

    Ok to make things as easy as possible and to make sure you keep up to date with what is going on you need to learn how to use our website.

    It might look a bit complicated or confusing at first but believe me it is very very simple when you know how.

    Ok so you have just logged in, first thing to do is this.

    1. Click "New Posts"

    This will take you to a page that will display all the posts you have not read. As your new there may be quite a lot to read so the best thing to do is read only what you want to. Click a post, read it then click back on your browser. Read another post, click back, continue this until your bored out of your mind then do this...

    2. Mark Forums Read

    Once you have read enough of what you are interested in click "Whats New" then underneath the red line over to the left is a bit you can click that says "Mark Forums Read". Clicking this will tell the webiste that you have read every new post. The idea for this is that then on your next visit when you click Whats New it will only display the posts made between your last visit and your new visit. So basically next time there might only be 3 or 4 new posts rather than 1000000000000000 new posts :soldier

    3. New Thread

    We fully encourage new members to get involved in our website discussions and what ever is happening whether it be a stupid post about a funny video or a discussion about something in the world what ever. If you have a point to make click "Reply to thread" and write your input then click submit. Also if you want to make a new thread, you must first decide which section it would be best suited in. So for example you want to post a funny you tube video you just found and share it with us. So click on the videos section, click "New Thread" and your away

    Its really as simple as that. If you intend on joining the clan it is 100% vital that you know this as you will need to know when matches are organized for, you will need to see what times and dates things are happening ect.

    If you need any help just ask any Tag holder member or admin
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