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    'Medal of Honor: Warfighter' to deploy in October

    By Mike Snider, USA TODAY

    Expect an even more authentic story in the sequel to 2010's Medal of Honor. That's because even more real-world Tier One operators have been involved in the development of the game with studio Danger Close, which co-developed the 2010 Medal of Honor.

    That reboot, which brought the franchise into the present-day after more than a dozen games set in World War II, sold more than 5 million copies. The new game, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, due Oct. 23 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PCs, focuses on two Navy SEALS and members of AFO Team Neptune -- Preacher and Mother -- who appeared in the 2010 game that was set in modern-day Afghanistan.

    A slight departure for Warfighter is that the game is not based on any specific real-world battle, says Greg Goodrich, who returns as executive producer. "Medal of Honor started as the game version of Saving Private Ryan and that film was a historical fiction, an actual event but a fictional story woven through history. So we have done that even up to the last game, which was loosely based on Operation Anaconda (a major 2002 battle in Afghanistan)."

    While Warfighter is not based on an identifiable actual battle, he says, "It's focused on the threat of PETN (pentaerythritol tetranitrate), a nasty, nasty explosive that we have all been faced with over the last few years whether you realize it or not."
    PETN was used by the 2001 shoe bomber Richard Reid and the 2009 "Underwear Bomber" and was found in printer toner cartridges bound for the U.S. in flights from Yemen in 2010. "It's a very real world threat that the guys are faced with keeping off our shores and out of our shopping malls and train stops," Goodrich says. "Every mission in the game has a dotted line to something that has been either inspired by actual events or has happened or is loosely based on something that has happened."
    The story, penned by actual Tier One operators, also gets close to home in looking at the dynamics of an operator's home life. "When we begin our story there is sort of this crossroads that Preacher has come to that the relationship with his wife can go either way," Goodrich says. "She needs help raising their child and she is about to give up. But Preacher he is a fighter and he is going to do whatever it takes to repair that and fix that."

    Events happen that collide their personal world with the larger world of the Tier One operators and their missions. "It all comes to a head," he says. "That is sort of the crux of these two individuals and her understanding why he does what he does and who he is and truly why he is gone all the time because she now sees the evil in the world that he sees. Likewise, it becomes very real to him in the sense that the issues that they had and the things they argued about maybe weren't as important as they thought they were at the time. ... It's the kind of story you don't normally get in a game about war."

    More than two dozen Tier One operators have consulted on the game, Goodrich says. 2010's Medal of Honor conveyed to many operators about the developers' reverence and respect for soldiers, says Nate, one of operators who helped co-write the game's story (he and the other operators interviewed gave only their first name). "Through the growing pains of that last (game) and the amount of money they were able to raise (for the Navy SEAL Warrior Fund), it really opened up their eyes on how tastefully they were able to portray the men and ... really opened up the door," he says.

    The goal with the new game is to give players "a better sense of the (Tier One) community and who these guys are and that the story really touches people," says Nate. "It is meant to be entertaining, and we hope people really enjoy that, but in the process there's a lot of misconceptions that will be stripped and there's a lot of clichés that will be destroyed. And there's a lot of humor that will be injected. But at the end of it you hope people get a sense of wow this is not who I thought these guys were. They are very likable, very approachable very family-oriented guys."

    The amount of input from elite level special forces personnel goes beyond that in any entertainment project so far, says Tyler, another of the Tier One operators involved. "That's going to translate into the game and into the experience. I'm a gamer and I love playing games and I was also in the community," he says. "I can finally play my experience."
    Goodrich would not shed any details on the multiplayer mode of the game other than to say "we are doing a lot of really cool things."

    The game will be previewed at next week's Game Developers Conference. Source:
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