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    Forum Layout

    You may notice some things look slightly different ... I have deleted the section whos online and replaced it by putting the servers and ts viewer at the bottom of the forum instead ... Also i have set up an email account for the clan.. nuffink fancy but its ..

    Also ive added a banner at the very bottom of the forum which is in hope of a free super fast redirect account and the terms of it are to put that banner there Ill explain soon...

    Also ive made the whole forum completely private unless your registered and logged in , AND ive made it so that new members have to do an email varifaction to enable their kkclan account here... BYE BYE SPAM BOTS

    Im working on how to get the shout box all lined up on everyone's screens but n o joy just yet... I should never stay off work lmao ...

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    Re: Forum Layout



    Hello there Guest, Only registered members can view content. Join today!

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