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    Dont like players hopping in game ??? GOOD

    Here at =]KK[= we pride our selves on our super abilities in FPS gaming to avoid being shot with a quick hop AND make the important kill at the same time.

    The age old debate of hopping being skilled and legit or unfair and noobish has raged on for centuries ( ok 10 years) and will continue to do for many more years to come.

    We strongly believe that it is your god given right to bash your space bar at the exact given moment your about to be shot. What stand there and die ?? No fooking way !!

    Everyone has a space bar right ? Everyone has the ability to press it right ? So how can it be unfair ?

    Some say it would not happen in a real war ? Well im sorry but these are games not real life BUT just to prove you wrong here is a picture taken from our training camp in Outer Mongolia=]

    So next time your in game playing along side a =]KK[= member and YOU witness the sheer skill involved in him/her not only managing to avoid being shot at but simultaneously popping a cap in the other guys FACE, just remember it is his/her god given right to do so, PLEASE DO N0T COMPLAIN !!

    And maybe try it for your self, master it and show off your new found skill. But remember you must defend the hopping to your death bed !!
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