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    Exclamation =]KK[= NEWS

    =]KK[= MW3 SERVERS

    The =]KK[= MW3 Servers are now LIVE !!!

    To find it in game go to options, and enable the Dedicated server browser then go to your new server option and look for
    =]KK[= WAR SERVER 1/2 or =]KK[= HARDCORE DEM / =]KK[= HARDCORE S&D..

    We have 4 servers which we are mainly using for MW3 wars/PCW's and Ladder matches but we do have 2 public servers too.

    Public play is largely unpopular on servers in MW3 due to the wanky way IW and Sledgehammer made the game for PC but we do play on it sometimes.

    It is however growing in popularity since some cheeky coders cracked the game to allow things that were not originally included...
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