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    [Edom] Black OPS Mix Night

    [center:2cihhbsw]The Mix Night is BACK !

    19/03/2011 @ 20.00


    [center:2cihhbsw]The Eurodomination Mixed Scrim Event ![/center:2cihhbsw]

    [center:2cihhbsw]You asked for it ! So here it is ! We will be holding a Call Of Duty Black Ops Mix evening and EVERYONE is welcome ! If you fancy some FUN gaming with the people you compete with in everyday [Edom] open ladder and cup competitions ! Join the [Edom] TeamSpeak and then enter the Mix Me channel ! Have a laugh and a joke whilst waiting to be assigned to your team ! Then let the fun and killing commence ![/center:2cihhbsw]

    [center:2cihhbsw]The main game type we will be focusing on is Search and Destroy and maybe the odd random gametype mixed in ! These games will be played on the [Edom] server or we will be getting IRC matches ![/center:2cihhbsw]


    PW = edom

    [center:2cihhbsw]Whilst this is meant to be a fun evening it is STILL an official [Edom] event and we ask that all players attending the mix night to follow a few minor rules ! Please do not leave your match early or go AFk unless you have a replacement ready ! Anyone caught flaming, abusing other players, cheating or generally causing upset will be removed from the game and TS and not allowed back ! Other than that all we require you do is HAVE FUN ![/center:2cihhbsw]

    [center:2cihhbsw] Edom Teamspeak:
    IP - Address:
    Port - :10003

    No Password

    [center:2cihhbsw]Please tell your fellow clan mates and be there sharp ! Then let the killing commence ![/center:2cihhbsw]

    [center:2cihhbsw]19/03/2011 @ 20.00[/center:2cihhbsw]
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    Re: [Edom] Black OPS Mix Night



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