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    Hello to all the Kool killers.

    My name is Piers aka slothy. I'm a big cod fan starting with modern warfare, always used to play on my playstation but shelled out for a new pc mainly to play zombies with my mates but have mostly been playing multiplayer. I usually play hq and other objective games (not a huge fan of sab or ctf tho). Don't usually play s&d but that's how I was introduced to the KK clan and I had a great time on your sever yesterday, I like the way s&d makes you appreciate each kill and killstreak more.

    Anyway a bit about me, I'm 25 and live in the UK in Ipswich. I have a full time job and a g/f so don't get to play video games as much as I want (at the mo my gf thinks she is playing second fiddle to my new pc!). I enjoys just chilling out with mates cooking them nice meals, watching movies pretty much anything that doesn't take too much physical or mental exertion!

    One of you guys suggested I check out your site (sorry I can't remember who), I appreciated the compliment so thought I'd check it out. I've never been in a clan mainly for the reasons above of not bent able to play as much as I like but since playing games while on vent I've begun to appreciate how much more fun it is to work as a team in cod.

    Annyway I'm rambling on while I should be working so maybe I'll seemyou online tonight for some double xp s&d.

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