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    This Thread will show all the winners from day dot of the cup being alive and will be updated every time the Cup has been won.

    27th August 09 Winner: RaZoR.uK

    (Shaun wins 1st ever =]KK[= Cup)

    10th September 09 Winner: Nom8s

    (Barry follows in his son's footsteps LOL)

    24th September 09 Winner: FooKaa

    (It's 3rd time lucky for this FooKaa)

    6th October 09 Winner: {PBP} Halfbreed

    (Halfbreed is 1st non =]KK[= Member to win the cup)

    20th October 09 Winner: Czyjm

    (Jimmy wrestles the cup back home to =]KK[=)

    3rd November 09 Winner: {PBP} Blade

    (Blade swipes the cup from the =]KK[= again)

    17th November 09 Winner: [NTHW] DAMIEN C

    (Damien takes the cup home to [NTHW] for the 1st time

    1st December 09 Winner: =GK=BiGpOpPa

    (Good old Poppa wins in amazing style )

    16th December 09 Winner: Wullyyy
    (The lil Scotts man finally gets his 1st cup )

    13th Jan 2010 Winner: [NTHW] Dutchie
    ([NTHW] win their 2nd cup and well won by the flying dutch man WP)

    27th Jan 2010 Winner: RyanUK

    (The very annoying scotts man wins using noob tubes and grenade launchers, which in turn started the reinvention of the =]KK[= Cup as a skill based comp with rules being implemented)

    10th Feb 2010 Winner: Tonis

    (The new improved =]KK[= Cup is a major success with the final 5 players being top quality, and Tonis just Pipped The Bear at the final hurdle)

    24th Feb 2010 Winner: The Bear

    (The Bear (Bjorn) steals the cup back from the warmember clans clutches with an absolutely amazing finale against the cup holder Tonis)

    24th Feb 2010 Winner: The Bear

    (The Bear (Bjorn) becomes the FIRST EVER PLAYER to win the =]KK[= Cup for a 2nd time and on consecutive times too... Funny how the first time this was possible the final was between 2 players who could possibly be the 1st 2 time winner... Sadly i lost lol )

    24th Feb 2010 Winner: LilMissFooKaa

    (LilMissFooKaa becomes the FIRST EVER LADY to win the prestigious =]KK[= FFA CUP !!!)

    April 2010

    6th May 2010 Winner: Maximus

    (Bart flys the flag for Belgium and wins his and Belgium's first =]KK[= FRENZY !! )

    20th May 2010 Winner: Headshot

    (=]KK[= Headshot sees off the {PBP} clan members and entire =]KK[= clan to secure his 1st ever =]KK[= Frenzy !! )

    20th May 2010 Winner: Czyjm

    (=]KK[= Czyjm becomes the 2nd ever person to win this dam thing TWICE !! )

    20th May 2010 Winner: Pure

    (=]KK[= Pure win's his first Frenzy after being held once on the final map by Maximus )

    25th July 2010 Winner: Headshot

    (=]KK[= Headshot joins the growing list of 2 time Frenzy winners after being run to the edge by Flaps !! )

    5th August 2010 Winner: FireFly

    (Rob wins his first Frenzy after knocking Headshot out and then stopping Killabry winning his first Frenzy )

    4th September 2010 Winner:Czyjm

    (Jimmy becomes FIRST to win 3 Frenzys in true Kool Kalm Kollected Fasion!! )

    2nd October 2010 Winner: Water

    (first time frenzy winner well played mate! )

    29th October 2010 Winner: FireFly

    (Rob joins the 3 times winners club )

    4th December 2010 Winner: Moldie

    (Moldie aka Chris shows the vet tag holders how to win a frenzy in our FIRST EVER BLOPS FRENZY ... 1st of many to come )

    30th December 2010 Winner: FireFly

    His 4th Win Played a blinding Match Can we take it back for him we shall see

    15th Jan 2011 Winner: FireFly

    Rob makes it FIVE WINS !!!

    25th Jan 2011 Winner: FireFly

    Rob makes it SIX WINS !!! :suprised

    5th Feb 2011 Winner: Wildchild

    Wildchild wins his first Frenzy and takes the title from Firefly at last

    26th March Winner: Apple

    Apple wins his first Frenzy in stunning fashion...

    24th April 2011 Winner: UNDF Marrow

    Morrow wins his first and the first frenzy win for a UNDF player

    14th May 2011 Winner: Reetveter

    8th Reetveter steals the crown from UNDF for the 8th clan leaving the =]KK[= whimpering... Who will gain the title back for =]KK[= ???

    4th June 2011 Winner: Apple

    Apple wins the title back for the Kool Killers in pure chicken shit fashion, getting the winning kill THEN HIDING LIKE A BIG GIRL !! Well played

    25th June 2011 Winner: Firefly

    Rob the robot makes it 7 Frenzy wins !!! Will he be the first to get 10 !

    21st October 2011 Winner: Paulus

    Paulus stormed the Frenzy winning almost every round then beating =]KK[=s undisputed best player ever ME lol in the final

    21st October 2012 Winner: Pusha
    Pusha makes it his first in his first appearance, yet again beginners luck or pure skills ?? You decide

    31st October 2013 Winner: Steee

    Stee wins the Haloween frenzy...

    6th December 2013 Winner: Cucumber

    Cucumber wins the 1st COD Ghosts Frenzy...

    26th January 2014 Winner: Pusha

    Pusha wins the 1st COD BO2 Frenzy

    9th Febuary 2014 Winner: Cucumber

    Cucumber wins a throwback COD 4 Frenzy...

    March 2014
    The Frenzy is put on hold for a Looooong time due to crap COD games

    25th November 2017 Winner: Fakerthe1
    Great ending between NI and RI with Faker taking the win
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