When playing in our COD4 server, using glitches and getting on roofs that were not designed to get on are BANNED.

To make this as clear as possible, if you can't walk up stairs or climb a ladder to access the roof it is probably out of bounds. Also glitching is when a player exploits a weakness in the map to gain unfair advantage over others in game.

Here is a full list of known glitches/roofs that we at =]KK[= will kick and or ban for in our server. Massive Thanks to =]KK[= FireFly for compiling this list

Almost every roof on the map is accessible using strafe jumping so all except the ones with ladders/stairs to them can be considered glitches.

The balconies in front of the opfor spawn (allows a player to escape the map)
The balconies above the stairs to the left of the marine spawn.
The top of the garage door in front of the marine spawn
The balcony with the satellite on directly in front of the heavy mg (not the one on the building site)
The top floor of the construction site (using an rpg jump)
Jumping onto the top of the power pylons from the middle building gives access to 4/5 roofs around the opfor spawn and the MG building, as well as another escape from the map.

Ledge above the door to the right of the central statue
Some difficult elevators that allow access to the top of the two central apartment buildings.

The ledge and AC units on the back of the central building (not the opfor spawn)
The tops of the market stalls around the opfor spawn (can RPG out of the map and onto the building)
The top of the archway between the two buildings

The tops of the Russian missile tanks and on the missiles
On top of the missile racks in some of the hangars
On top of the containers to the left of the opfor spawn

The roof of the sniper building that over looks the chopper (accessed by jumping on some AC units from the top of the ladder)
The top of the raised car in the garage next to the opfor spawn and the platform next to it.

The balconies next to the ladder on the uphill sniper house
The roof of the bus
The ledge behind the downhill spawn (accessed from the blown out building)
The roof of the bakers (accessed from the bakers balcony)
The roof of the stall next to the downhill spawn

The top of the archway and the ledges it leads to
The balconies in the alley between the market and the courtyard S+D bombsite

The roof of the greenhouse
The ledges high up inside the barn

The roof of the central MG building and the building its linked to by a fence
The roof of building with the wooden stairs into the riverbed next to the stone bridge
The top of the tanker next to the stone bridge

The roof of building 2 (accessed by bouncing from building 1)
Inside the pipe in the tunnel under building 1
The roof of the truck in front of the grassy hill
The top of the corrugated building next to the train spawn

The tops of some of the stalls in the marketplace
Some of the balconies above the marketplace (with a stack)
The top of the stall and building behind the cafe/Tyre shop

The tops of the outside containers (with a stack)
The top of the outside tanker
The top of the corrugated shed outside (with a stack)

The tops of a bunch of the containers
The top floor of the towers at each end of the map