These are the =]KK[= COD 4 server rules that are currently being enforced. These may change at times so please check it from time to time if you regularly play our servers.

1. Scroll shooting is banned.

2. Tubes (grenade launchers) and Rockets are banned. NOTE: ROCKETS CAN BE USE ON HELICOPTERS !!

3. Advertising clans/websites is banned.

4. Profanity is allowed, except the C*** word and to insult others.

5. Glitching is banned, getting on roofs that can be accessed via jumping from a window or wall ect is fine. Glitching for us is getting on the known glitch points of the maps for example climbing on the arch in the District map.

6. Respect server admins at all times, arguing or disrespect will result in a BAN !!

That's it, use of perks is allowed and playing in the style you wish is also fine !!