Step 1: Please read the following.

To become part of the =]KK[= clan you must meet a few requirements. If you do not meet these please do not make an application as it will be deleted.

  1. You must have been signed up to our website for 2 weeks before applying. There must be a "get to know each other" period, you might not even like us.
  2. You must prove activity for example, joining us on our Discord/Teamspeak, making replies and posts on the forums and gaming with us.
  3. You must own a headset with mic and download Discord from HERE, or Teamspeak 3 from HERE.
  4. You must not be a member to another clan that plays games that we play. Please ask the recruiters for more info on this.
  5. You must prove your self to be a decent, honest and trustworthy person. Only happy friendly ppl with GSOH need apply !!
  6. You must be planning on actually sticking around. Dont apply then disappear as this is just pointless.
  7. You must fill in your forum profile and link your Steam account. Then make an Introduction post.

If you apply and are accepted into our clan/community then you must try to stick to a few more guidelines too.

  1. If you will be AWOL please inform us, real life comes first and thats kool but it takes 2 seconds to let us know.
  2. You must wear our tags with pride and respect. Once your in the clan you are then representing us, so going around being abusive or rude makes us all look bad ! Remember that !
  3. You must visit the website regularly and reply to posts and see whats going on, if you want to play in our teams ect you need the info provided here, we wont come and find you !
  4. Where it applies you should try to help us fill our rented game servers.
  5. If you are wanting to play in any of our teams you should make every effort to attend training and PCW's.
  6. You must wear our clan tags at all times especially during clan wars. Clan Tags may vary depending on the game being played, please ask an admin if you are unsure.

We do not recruit on Skills but that does help :L We mainly recruit on attitude towards other members and your conduct on Teamspeak and the website. Just so you know, once you submit an application it is sent to a private section of the forums and ALL =]KK[= MEMBERS WILL VOTE ON YOU !! The more members you know the better, if you make enemies here you will get voted NO ! Also in your application you must write "i love Kookies" to prove you have read this through...

Step 2: Make an Application.

=]KK[= Clan Application