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    How to get the best performance out of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is one of the hottest multiplayer games right now. While it's still in Early Access, with over two million copies sold, people are constantly queuing up to take another stab at being the last man standing. Whether you like to go in hard and fast, or prefer the stealthy (aka cowardly) approach, the game is a constant adrenaline rush.

    Being Early Access means that performance is likely to improve over time. Or maybe not—just look at Ark: Survival Evolved for a game that continues to punish moderate PCs. But at least during the past two months, there have been clear improvements in framerates and plenty of patches. If you're a fan of competitive games like Overwatch or Counterstrike, you should know upfront that Battlegrounds is far more demanding of your hardware. It uses Unreal Engine 4, which has a good reputation for image quality, but it can also tax even the best systems.

    One thing you don't want to do is to show up running on integrated graphics, and even many budget GPUs are struggling with the current release. CPU performance can also play a lesser role, particularly with minimum frame rates, but as usual having a fast GPU should be your first priority.

    Quickly running through the features checklist, even at this early stage Battlegrounds has plenty of graphics options, and it checks most of the right boxes. Resolution support is good, though modifying FOV is no longer allowed. The devs have said they'll add an FOV slider in a future update, but until that happens everyone is locked in to the same FOV setting.

    About the only other areas that are slightly questionable are the modding potential and controller support. Game controllers are supported, but last I checked, you were stuck with keyboard and mouse or the game controller—which means most people will want to unplug the controller before launching. (This should get fixed with a future update) On the modding front, the developers have said they'll support it at some point in the future, but we'll have to wait and see.

    In terms of graphics settings, there's an overall preset, which configures the seven individual items to the selected level—very low, low, medium, high, and ultra. There's also a motion blur option, which thankfully defaults to off in all cases. If you want more information on how the various settings affect performance, head to the Original post on PC Gamer where I'll dig into more details.

    For the benchmarks, I've used my standard choice of 1080p medium as the baseline, and then supplemented that with 1080p, 1440p, and 4K ultra. Of course, there's a catch with games like Battlegrounds: some people will want to run at minimum graphics quality, except for the view distance, to try and gain a competitive advantage. It looks ugly, but it's easier to spot people hiding in the grass or shadows.

    Copied from PCGamer..

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